High Growth and Opportunity for Business Development in Charlotte Region

As businesses increasingly target the Charlotte region for expansions and relocation, the region’s reliance on its image as one of the nation’s largest banking centers reduces.

What the Charlotte region has to offer both attracts both individuals and big multinationals. Quality of life and low cost of living are but a few of the factors that are drawing people to the greater Charlotte region. Whereas Charlotte initially gained significance as a traditional banking town, the city has recently seen a steep and substantial rise in technology startups. Software developers and other technology hubs – often serving large financial institutions – found in Charlotte the right business climate and the right pool of educated individuals to spur innovation and business development. Further, affordability, location and year-round weather are factors that attract both businesses and families to the area, fueling not only big business but an explosion of innovative start-ups.

As a globally oriented region, the Greater Charlotte area shows exceptionally high export and foreign direct investment (FDI) numbers, led by trade in machinery, transportation equipment and financial services.

Explore the International Exports in Goods Tableau for a snapshot overview of exports, as well as detailed data tables per year, NAICS (North American Industry Classification System), country, continent and county within the Charlotte Region.

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