The Centralina Region Attracted nearly $800 Million in New Gross Income in 2016 as well as 10,000 New Households

The largest influx of money came from out of state: Cook County, Illinois and Suffolk County, New York brought roughly $27,000 in new income each. However, significant money left the Centralina region to York and Lancaster counties ($150M) in South Carolina’s portion of the Charlotte metro as well as retirement hotspots in Charleston, Brunswick and Asheville.

The Centralina region attracted over 10,000 net new households in 2016 from other parts of the state and US. Most relocations were from New York counties such as Suffolk County (318), Nassau County (183), Kings County (176), and Queens County (176), but there were also a large number of new homeowners from closer to home in North Carolina, such as Guilford County (325 households), Wake County (204), and Durham County (169).

This data is from the IRS, which reports tax return flows from one county to another county when there are 20 or more households flowing in one direction (10 for years prior to 2014). “Households” is a proxy for tax returns. “Persons” is a proxy for reported exemptions.

Data also aggregates the impact of flows for Adjusted Gross Income.

Download a snapshot of per capita income in the Centralina area by county, metro or region by clicking in the bottom-right corner below.